M&A Insurance Solutions Releases The RW Exchange (RWX)

NEW YORK – M&A Insurance Solutions LLC, the only independent insurance brokerage focused exclusively on transactional insurance products, announces the release of The RW Exchange (RWX). RWX is a secure real-time delivery platform that brings together all stakeholders of the Representations and Warranties Insurance (RWI) workstream to facilitate a more efficient and transparent process.

To date, M&A Insurance Solutions is the only RWI broker to provide any such tech-enabled platform and would like to invite all investors, lawyers, underwriters, brokers and M&A advisors to join us in our journey to make the RWI process less cumbersome for all parties involved.

“The R&W insurance industry has been around for 6 years now, in its mature form, and most parties have done all they can to make this workstream more efficient. At the fault of nobody, the industry has settled into an archaic process that is suited for a world that no longer exists. Providing investors and their deal-team with the appropriate transparency, control and expediency has been a long time coming.”  Kirk Sanderson [M&A Insurance Solution, Founder]

By breaking down this seemingly complex process into standardized steps and adding appropriate transparency to communications, RWX allows the RWI process to be proactively managed by all parties, eliminating the full reliance upon intermediaries, so everyone wins.

Learn More:

For information about The RW Exchange, please visit our website @ www.rw-exchange.com 

For a live demo, please reach out directly to Kirk Sanderson below.

About M&A Insurance Solutions LLC: 

As the advisor on over one hundred M&A transactions each year, M&A Insurance Solutions has a leading-edge understanding of the M&A and transaction risk insurance space. With a commitment to client service and hyper-responsiveness, M&A Insurance Solutions delivers tailored RWI and other transaction insurance alternatives to buyers and sellers, with the goal of minimizing post-closing risk and eliminating/reducing escrows, indemnification and other sources of friction between parties.


Kirk Sanderson

Founder and Managing Partner


(917) 656-2476

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